Sick Animals Using a Seven-year-old Girl to Bomb a Police Station [VIDEO]


It’s the holiday season so you can be sure that the religion of peace is out in the neighborhoods sharing love and goodwill. Last week in Damascus, and coming soon to your neighborhood thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan, a seven-year-old Syrian girl walked into a police station. Sources said she appeared lost and asked to use the restroom. At that point, someone – probably a relative – set the explosives off with a cell phone.

As you can see from the video parts of the building were reduced to rubble.

The blurred image on the video was what was left of the seven-year-old girl.

Islamic terror groups have, on occasion, fired rockets and mortar rounds into Damascus but according to reports, suicide explosions inside the city are rare.

The religion of peace has no problem butchering children, their own children. This is a recent incident using the child was a suicide bomber, but as far from the first. In other news children in the besieged city of Aleppo have been burned alive by Muslim terrorists Syrian forces closed in on the city.

In Nigeria last week to seven-year-old girls were used as suicide bombers in an attack on a busy marketplace. Both girls were killed along with one other person and 18 were injured. In Libya, a female suicide bomber used three children as a decoy in an attack that killed four soldiers.

The Nigerian girls were apparently used by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram. While they aren’t directly connected with the groups in Libya or Damascus, they serve the same master, the pedophile prophet Mohammed.

Democrats, led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are doing everything they can to bring the people who are responsible for bombings like the ones in Damascus, in the Nigerian marketplace, and in Libya, into the United States as refugees. Paul Ryan and establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are going out of their way to help out “in the name of humanity.”

These people have fought off efforts to set up refugee camps and protect legitimate refugees in the Middle East. It’s almost like they have a terrorist agenda to bring these people into Europe and into America. Sweden is already reaping the woes of opening their doors to Muslims, they have the highest rate of rape in the world. It seems that Muslim Middle Eastern men have a fondness for light-skinned blondes.

At least when they’re not blowing up seven-year-old girls.

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