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After Seeing Her, ‘Something’ Tells Him to Go Back: That’s When it Happens!! [VIDEO]


Did you ever have a moment in your life when your gut told you to do something? Did you do it? Did it make you feel good afterwards?

Here’s a guy, Quintin Conway, who thought he was having a “tough” morning.  He even felt sorry for himself. Then, he saw someone else…and it put all things into perspective. Check it out:

H/T Liftable:

Quintin Conway of Liberty, Missouri was having a bad day. He was feeling grumpy and agitated. Until he drove past a woman who caught his eye.

Sitting alone in her car, just a short distance away in the same parking lot, was a bald woman, reading a book.

He went back in the store and delivered flowers to the bald woman sitting alone in the car, telling the woman, “I hope it encourages you to smile and pass along a smile.”

Quintin Conway changed an older woman’s day for the better, after feeling led by God to do so. He hoped that it would put a smile on her face.

It’s amazing what the “power of God” can do.

This Christmas if you’re feeling a little more fortunate that others, I hope you will do a “Quintin”. Do something good for someone else. It will come back to you.

Unknown – “Never Miss An Opportunity to Put a Smile on Someone’s Face. It Might Be the Only One They Get Today!”




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