Scientists Reveal Types of Breasts Men Really Prefer: Small and Perky or Large and Round?


This holiday season. Here’s a challenge for you. Asked your significant other, or your boyfriend or just a male friend in general, what female body part they like most. Overall, I’m sure you’ll get your share of responses, but I’ll wager most men are going to say chest. Sure there are going to be a few guys that might say they prefer legs, hair, lips, or even abs. However, when it comes down to the top two female body parts, I’m going to guess your man is a “butt man” or a “breast man”.

Now for the next question. If your man is a “breast man” does he prefer large and round or small and perky?  Well, lucky for you and your man, scientists did a study on which breasts men prefer. The results might surprise you.


H/T DailyMail:

When they’re not curing cancer or saving the world from global warming, scientists work tirelessly to answer mankind’s most pressing questions.

And now, thanks to science, we finally have an answer to the age-old conundrum: Which breasts do men like best?

And the results may be a surprise. According to the study, it’s not all about size.salma-hayek-600x800

Researchers found that men prefer shapely, perkier boobs to those that are the largest, and therefore sag with gravity.

Scientists from Prague’s Charles University set out to discover what female form appeals most to men.

They were interested in how the female form may have evolved to encourage successful breeding.


The team said of their recent study: ‘Cross-culturally, males are hypothesized to prefer breast morphology that indicates both high potential and residual fertility.’

Large breasts are typically associated with fertility in women, and a plumper chest has long been tipped as the key to the male libido.

To test this hypothesis, the scientists quizzed 267 men from four different countries on their breast preferences: Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia.she_said_what_top_10_megan_fox_quotes

They showed the test subjects two sets of images of varying breast size and firmness.

The authors wrote in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior: ‘Individual preferences for breast size were variable, but the majority of raters preferred medium sized, followed by large sized breasts.

‘In contrast, we found systematic directional preferences for firm breasts across all four samples.’


You can read more about the researchers’ results  in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour. 

I know what most men were probably thinking, “Why couldn’t I have been part of THAT study?” or “Was there a hands-on study? If so, where do I sign up?” Men are cute, but typical aren’t they.

Let us know the results of your survey in the comment section? What type of breast did your guy prefer? Large and round? Or small and perky? Keep it clean.

….and have a very Happy New Year!!!!

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