Man Buys Gun for Young Son, Lady Is PISSED Off, Store Clerk Intervenes…[VIDEO]



Many people have very strong feelings when it comes to children and guns. There are those who believe the two don’t mix, and others that think the best way to learn anything is to start young.

ABC’s decided to play on peoples’ emotions. They hid a camera inside a store for their show: “What Would You Do?” just to observe how strangers, and all fellow shoppers in a gun store, would react to seeing a man buy his son a gun for his 7th birthday.

An actor was hired to stand at the Nardis Gun Shop counter with another young actor playing his son. The duo were confronted by a woman (also an actor) who played the part of a very outspoken, judgmental person that wanted them to know she thinks the father is wrong.

She was clearly unhappy, even though the purchase is entirely legal in Texas. She then, in a condesending tone, says the man:

“You’re the most irresponsible parent on the planet.”

The setup begins when the father hands the boy a gun, saying, “Happy Birthday young man!“ The son replies ”You mean I finally get a gun of my very own?“ The father answers ”Yep, you’re old enough now.”

The woman jumps in with a condescending tone:

“Excuse me, but seriously?! You’re giving a gun as a birthday present to a little kid?”

The father calmly replies:

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach him everything he needs to know to be safe.”

Real customers in the store have no idea this confrontation is staged. And they have no problem jumping in with their own opinions about whether or not the child should own a gun.

One customer tells the boy “Happy Birthday!” and congratulates him on getting his first gun.

When the woman begins questioning the father, calling him irresponsible, the stranger says:

“I think that’s the most responsible thing that father can do with his son right now, that’s to teach his son good firearm use and that’s exactly what he’s doing, I disagree with your point 100%.”

The stranger also shook the father’s hand, and the two exchanged appreciation.

Another customer asks the woman if she had a traumatic experience before telling her that teaching a child how to shoot at a young age is the best form of firearm safety. He also let her know that he taught his son to shoot when he was five years old.


As the show goes on, the kind of gun that the “father” hands the child changes, it goes from a .22 to an AK-47.

Apparently, as it turns out, size does matter, of the gun that is.

After discovering the boy holding the AK-47 one customer stated:

“Probably not be my first choice.”

Things start heating up even more as a mother gets called out for supporting guns…by a “fellow shopper” in the gun store.

See the drama unfold…

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