Islamic Men Stomp Baby’s Face On Bus Ride, Paramedics Called…


A group of Muslim migrants were enraged over the lack of first class service they received on a bus in Augsburg, Germany. In an epic tantrum, one of the men turned around and kicked the one-year-old in the face!

Immediately, the paramedics who were called to help treat the baby were attacked by the migrants with belts. The fights didn’t stop until police were called and intervened.

The attack came just as residents were being evacuated from the city over a bomb authorities discovered from World War II. The fight broke out on an evacuation bus leaving the city.

Reports show:

“Several Syrian migrants erupted with anger because of a pram taking up space on the bus.”

“Migrants hurled abuse at other passengers before a fight broke out, with four of the Syrian men using the handles on the bus to hoist themselves up and attack women and old people to try and drag them into the fighting, according to an eyewitness.”

“The migrants paid no attention to anyone in their way, at one point kicking a one-year-old in the face.”

These people are barbaric! They need to be removed from society as soon as possible. They are a threat to every living human being and that includes innocent babies getting smashed in the face.

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