BREAKING: Religion of Peace Celebrating Christmas in Berlin [VIDEO]


‘Tis the season to be jolly and people are celebrating the Christmas holiday all over the world. Berlin, for instance, is famous for their Christmas Market in the central part of the city.

Germany has hundreds of thousands of new immigrant residents this year who may be celebrating Christmas for the first time because they are “refugees” from the Middle East. Two of those “refugees” brought a unique way of celebrating the holiday season with them.

This was a rerun of the Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice, France where a truck driver plowed his vehicle into Bastille Day revelers. In this case in Berlin, nine people have been confirmed dead and at least 50 more injured.

There were two men in the truck, one “died on the spot” from unknown causes and the other was arrested nearby.

German police, in keeping with Angela Merkel’s open arms to Middle Eastern “refugees,” said, “Their backgrounds are still unclear.” Obviously, their backgrounds are unclear only to the German police.


An English tourist who was on the scene at the Berlin Christmas Market said that the truck missed him by about 10 feet as it drove into the market ripping through tables and wooden stands.


“It was definitely deliberate.” The tourist helped evacuate the injured and said that others were trapped under Christmas stands. There were dozens of ambulances on the scene and the Market was being patrolled by heavily armed German police.

Don’t expect that this is going to be the last Muslim terror attack in this holiday season. As a matter of fact you should count it is a miracle if we don’t have one here in America. The Berlin Christmas Market is a “hard target” compared to any one of 10,000 shopping malls across America.

Remember, Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have been working their fingers to the bone to bring hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern “refugees” into America.

Merry Christmas. Or maybe this year that should be “Allahu Akbar.”

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