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Proof Election Laws BROKEN by Hillary Campaign: WikiLeaks Pressuring Justice Dept. to ACT!


Anyone with a brain knows that under NO circumstances can a political campaign coordinate ANYTHING with a SuperPAC. It’s illegal! Thanks to WikiLeaks and Project Vertitas, we know Hillary’s campaign has done EXACTLY! But with Democrats in charge, it’s NOT like Hillary Clinton is going to be prosecuted for it.

In the past, we learned Clinton hired consultants or scumbags like Robert Creamer, CEO of Democracy Partners to work with together with the DNC and Clinton campaign to incite violence at Trump rallies, so they could portray Donald Trump as the “bad guy”.

But there’s more. Hillary’s campaign is coordinating with another SuperPAC – Priorities USA, but too bad you won’t hear about it from the MSM.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Priorities USA is the largest Democrat SuperPac in existence. They are, as some would say, “the largest Democrat gorilla in the PAC jungle.”

A key player is a person named Avie Glazer. Glazer is one of the top donors to a fund called the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.) Donors can contribute mountains of cash to HVF. Some have called it a slush fund, as large sums of cash are often distributed to the Democrat National Committee and various campaigns.

Largest donations to Hillary Victory Fund
Name State Date Cycle Amount Employer
Cheryl Saban CA 10/30/15 $353,400 Self-Employed
Alice L. Walton AR 12/17/15 $353,400 Self-Employed
Avie Glazer FL 12/21/15 $353,400 Manchester United

Again, campaigns are not allowed to collude with SuperPacs like Priorities USA.

Enter WikiLeaks.

The following “reminder” email reveals that the writer, named Latham, advised the Campaign Chairman that Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was to meet with Priorities USA SuperPAC (Priorities) along with Avi Glazer, also known as Avram Glazer and the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.)

A meeting of this nature is illegal. HRC cannot meet with a SuperPAC.

From Twitter:


Will our Government continue to ignore clear violations of the law? How will Obama, Comey, the FBI, and the DOJ react to this?


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