Watch Who Says Hillary Clinton “Doesn’t Know Her ASS from a Hole in the Ground” [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton loves the economic policies of Barack Obama. After all, they made her friends on Wall Street – not to mention her and her husband – very, very wealthy. As for the middle class, well, our wages are about where they were in 1978. The Obama “recovery” is the worst recovery in history and real American workers – the few of us who are left – are the worse for it.

Ben Stein happens to be, in addition to being an extraordinarily interesting guy, a world-class economist. Here’s what he had to say about Hillary and her proposed economic policies.

One of the reasons I love Ben Stein is that you never have to wonder what he’s trying to say.

After eight years of Democrat economics we’ve got virtually zero economic growth, record poverty, record food stamp usage, record low labor force participation rates, skyrocketing healthcare costs, skyrocketing energy costs, and skyrocketing food prices. Other than that Barack is done a hell of a job.

What Hillary wants to do is more of the same plus she wants to raise taxes “on the rich.” While that may sound good, keep in mind that she thinks you’re rich, and you can bet her buddies on Wall Street won’t see their tax bills go up.

In addition to “raising taxes on the rich,” she wants to raise corporate taxes.

Here’s a simple fact that Democrats refuse to deal with. Corporations do not pay taxes, their customers do.

Ben Stein is absolutely right, Hillary Clinton doesn’t know her ass from her elbow about economics, but then again neither do Democrats. And heck, the Republican establishment doesn’t know anything about economics either.

Politicians of both parties view the U.S. tax code as a gift to them that allows them to wield power. If you zeroed out corporate taxes and eliminated all deductions, the big loser would be politicians in Washington because they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the corruption offered by their friends for favorable tax treatment.

Bottom line here, Ben Stein is right and remember that every time you vote.

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