War Photojournalist Hospitalized After Savage Beating by Anti-Trump Activists While Covering Oakland Protests: [video]


It’s just amazing to see liberals protesting the American political process of an election with riots because they didn’t get their way. My guess is most of these protesters probably didn’t even vote or are just “sheeple” protesting for the sake of rioting and needed the $10/hr. Just because Crooked Hillary Clinton was not elected president, these nut jobs feel they have the right to burn the American flag, throw glass bottles at policemen, punch innocent people in faces and even destroy public property.

Unfortunately, some of these crazy liberals are also attacking innocent bystanders as well. Here’s one photojournalist, who was just doing his job reporting on the protests in Oakland, California when he was punched in the face.


H/T Daily Mail:

A photojournalist who spent years covering conflicts in the Middle East was brutally attacked while covering an anti-Trump protest in Oakland, California.

Kyle Ludowitz was left with a fractured cheekbone and abrasions when four men attacked him on Wednesday night as he took photos of protesters wreaking havoc across the city.

The 27-year-old was hospitalized and had both his cameras, which were worth $5,000, destroyed in the violent attack.

‘I was mostly being punched in the face until I fell to the ground. I tried to protect my gear and they started kicking,’ Mr Ludowitz told Dailymail.com.

A camera he had been holding in his hand was torn from him and stolen, while another hanging around his neck was smashed into pieces.

Mr Ludowitz said his attackers, who were anarchists wearing masks, assaulted him as he was taking photos of them looting businesses and smashing windows with rocks.


He added that he had never really experienced anything like it.

‘I went to the ER, I didn’t have a concussion but had a fractured cheekbone and a few cuts and abrasions, swelling and a fat lip,’ he said.

‘I definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen.

‘I was expecting a stronger stand off between police and protesters. Definitely not the level of destruction to the city as a whole.’

Mr Ludowitz, a graduate student studying photojournalism at UC Berkeley, was released from hospital at 1am on Thursday and is planning to head straight back out to continue shooting the protests.

More than 6,000 protesters – some masked – were seen on the streets of Oakland on Wednesday night when an initially peaceful march down a cop-lined street turned nasty.

Here’s one crowd just shouting “Whose streets?!.., Our streets!”

But Unfortunately That…..later turned into THIS:

Wake up People! The American people voted. They didn’t want Crooked Hillary for President, so Get OVER IT! Most of the rest of us had to deal with your clown-in-chief, Barack Obama for the last 8 years. You didn’t see us out protesting did you? Deal with it!

Like I said, I think some liberals just wanted a reason… any reason to commit crime. Reminds us of another group….#BlackLivesMatter… doesn’t it? Probably the same organization paid them to protest too! I smell a DemocRAT!


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