[VIDEO] Thugs Viciously Beat Veteran, Dump Alcohol On His Face, Then Help Showed Up: Thugs LOSE!


It’s pretty disgusting to think that someone could serve our country, fight against our enemies in Iraq to defend our freedom, and then come home only to to get beaten up by thugs. What’s wrong with this picture? Talk about lowlifes or bottom dwellers!

These thugs not only should be thrown in jail, but maybe they should be sent to Iraq or Iran themselves. Maybe then, they could begin to understand what sacrifices their victim made to defend the freedom.  Check it out:


H/T Fox 2 Now:

In the video, you can see the suspects allegedly kicking the victim and leaving his motionless body on ground. After the brutal attack, one of suspects poured alcohol on the victim’s face. The victim was then run over by a car.

How INSANE is THAT?!…And yes, it would have made for a great story if this veteran’s fighting comrades showed up and kicked these three thugs butts, but it never happened.

Fortunately, this veteran survived the attack and is recovering at home.

My blessings to the veteran.   “Thank you” for serving in our military and defending our freedom. Your service is deeply appreciated by many true Americans and patriots.

As for these three thugs, I hope the justice system serves them well. These lowlifes don’t deserve to have their freedom defended by you or ANY other veteran.  But, you can bet this veteran’s “brothers” will not take their comrade’s beating lightly.

By the way, you probably didn’t see this news in the MSM. It seems they only like to report on #BlackLivesMatter.


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