VIDEO of Pissed-off Texas Mom Slamming Hillary Storms the Internet!


Americans are SICK and TIRED of ALL the lies. We are TIRED of a corrupt government. We are TIRED of the Clinton’s who think they are above the laws. We are TIRED of being politically correct! We are TIRED of the Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants flooding into our country and not being properly vetted. We are TIRED of Clinton’s “pay-to-play” scandals that have made billions for the Clinton Foundation.

We ARE TIRED, but WE ARE AWAKE! Hillary Clinton calls us “The Basket of Deplorables”. She calls us “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.” What she doesn’t call us is PATRIOTS!

This Texas mom is a #DamnProudDeplorable and an American patriot. She speaks for all of us when it comes to political PC, Obama and the Clintons. As Americans, we need to be proud of who we are, stand up and fight to take our our country back, and above all #GOTV for Donald Trump for President or we can kiss America good-bye.

H/T Yes I’m Right:

Deplorable’s Creed

Go ahead, call me deplorable.

Call me tea party and sexist, homophobic or crazy,

Call me ignorant or racist, Islamaphobic or dumb.

Call me anything you want.

But I am awake.

The mainstream media doesn’t want me to think, but–

My eyes can still see and I have seen a few things, like–

small mom and pop shops regulated right of main street. Radical–

Islamic terrorism is just too un PC

To be said.

Officers slaughtered in the streets of Dallas

Six hundred murders in the streets of Chicago

Nuclear programs possessed by Iran

Washington blames guns and racial injustice

Gives billions to enemies that just want to kill us.

School systems are banning our pledge of allegiance

Our classrooms are shaming children for praying

Star-Spangled Banner is playing and our athletes aren’t standing

and I am deplorable?

I’ve been told I didn’t build my business and–

Our president said that someone else did, but–

My Alarm is set for 5:40 every morning, I–

Bust my ass to try and earn a living, but–

Hillary Clinton, and her political machine, are–

Solely seeking, to Take it from me-

And give it to them.

Big businesses are big and apparently “too big to fail.”

Corruption’s for sale. Corruption sells well.

Super PACs and big donors have politicians in their pockets

Elected officials make too much of a profit to even represent us.

Walls are not racist – walls are security

All that I want is for people to come legally

My tax dollars are funding the Syrian refugees flooding

Our border that doesn’t exist and the left insists that a terrorist

Won’t come through,

I see-

James Comey get cozy with Secretary Clinton, In the–

King size bed he basically built them, and I—

see Twitter ban Milo for using “free speech” yet—

ISIS recruits radicals using their tweets.

Planned parenthood passed ‘round in a bowl

The pieces of children they sold for a profit

Why are they aborted for personal convenience? Why are–

Convenience stores filled with China products on clearance?

Why do, illegals burn Old Glory at their feet, while—

loved ones loose lives to give them that right? And—

Americans have died because Hillary fell asleep.

She turned her back on Benghazi and has

Blood on her hands.

 And If you don’t believe me

Just look these things up.

I am a deplorable and I am damn proud to be.

I value honor, courage, and integrity.

I’ll fight for freedom, I’ll die for liberty.

And if you disagree you can

Kiss my ass.

I have one King, one Master, and He’s no politician

I worked for the steak that is sitting on my plate.

My fireworks are massive on the Fourth of July

These are the values I live my life by

And I will die for them.

When they throw a punch I may turn the other cheek

But don’t for a second think I am weak.

I am a gun-totin,’ bible thumpin,’ constitution-lovin’ American.

I will never apologize or cry out my eyes for who I am

I am a #damnprouddeplorable.

Like this mom, this past year, I too have traveled across several states to support great republican conservative candidates, and have seen great American patriots working hard to restore this nation.

Trump wasn’t my first choice either. I was first aligned with a more conservative candidate who I volunteered for and eventually spent countless hours on staff for. But he was not chosen by the majority of Americans to win the nomination for president.

But like this mom, I jumped on the Trump wagon to help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. I also have seen enough of Clinton’s scandals and crimes to make my stomach turn. Donald Trump is our ONLY hope to keep Hillary Clinton out of office, and to return America to a stronger economy, create more jobs, close the border, and return America to a land of laws.

This year is Clinton has shown America an UNPRECEDENTED level of corruption – like none ever before. When America sees the DOJ and FBI get in bed with the Clintons, and NOTHING stops the Clintons, America is in BIG trouble! Our nation of laws, our Constitution, our policies and our national security are at risk. Clinton has shown us that America is for sale.

Like most Americans, I am fighting for the next generation and the future of generations to come. As an American who believes and supports the Constitution, our National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and respects all first responders and our military, as well as believes in “one nation under God”, I am voting for Donald Trump for President!

I hope you will too! #GOTV! Let’s  #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and wear RED to the polls!





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