Victim Appears Insecure…WAIT FOR IT, Bully Knocked Out With A Single Blow! [VIDEO]


Well, that’s certainly one way to deal with a bully. In the beginning of this clip the bully appears to be harassing an insecure boy who is much taller than him, but as he quickly learned, being quiet doesn’t mean you’re being weak.

Recent Footage emerged of a bully getting punched out and then when he wakes up he is left utterly baffled at how the scene had just unfolded, I’m guessing he imagined the scene to play out differently in his head.

With a single left hook, his fist met the bully’s face and made a sickening crack when it connected with his face.

A group of boys, from the Netherlands, were seen walking down the street talking to one another. At the head of this pussy pack, one kid dressed in a green jacket could be seen antagonizing one of his peers.

The bully shoved his intended victim, and got no response – but when he swiped a kick at his legs, suddenly the victim snapped.

WATCH for yourself:

Yep, what you just heard was the sound of this kid’s next dental bill. I’d say it’s one of life’s most satisfying pleasures to watch a bully’s control over a situation slip through his fingers.

These kinds of bullies travel in groups because they are more insecure and weak than the average person, why else would they need so much backup if things go wrong, as they obviously did for this little punk.

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