Trump’s Latest Administration Choice a “YUUGE F-You” to Obama:


Barack Obama has refused to even say the words “Extremist” or “Radical” when discussing the threat of Islam concerning the security of the United States, and Donald Trump just changed THAT situation!

He has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn the post of national security adviser, a man who has been as outspoken against Radical Islam as Obama has been silent!

General Flynn has been advising Trump on security issues for months now and has some keen ideas on how to proceed with the war on terror.

You can be confident that General Flynn will take our policy 180 degrees away from the apologetic rhetoric of Obama and Co.

FoxNews reports:

Flynn has also been outspoken in his alarms about the dangers of Islamist groups, complaining on CNN in June that the U.S. needs to “discredit” radical Islam, but that “we’re not allowed to do that right now.” He blamed the Obama administration in a New York Post op-ed in July for failing to design a coherent strategy for opposing ISIS. And in August, he spoke at an event in Dallas for the anti-Islamist group Act for America, saying that Islam “is a political ideology” and that it “definitely hides behind being a religion.”

Trump's Latest Administration Choice a "YUUGE F-You" to Obama:

Flynn’s dark warnings about Islam have not extended to the Islamist-leaning authoritarian Turkish government headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In an op-ed for the Washington newspaper The Hill just before the election, Flynn wrote that “our ally Turkey” needs support and echoed Erdogan’s warnings that a “shady” Turkish leader now exiled in Pennsylvania should not be given safe harbor in the U.S. Erdogan has called for the extradition of the exile, Fethullah Gullen, but the Obama administration has made no move to comply.

The foundation of the left’s foreign policy is appeasement. Appeasement only creates demand.

When you appease children, they just get worse in their behavior as they demand more appeasement. When you appease kidnappers,  you get more kidnappings as they demand more appeasement.

The same goes for Radical Extremist  Islamic Terrorism. As Obama has appeased, they have grown. Obama created ISIS this way. He tried to appease them by removing our troops in IRAQ. They filled the void and now want more.

Simple enough really. Thankfully now we will deal with them  the  only way that works. Destroy them.


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