Temporarily Insane Husband Chopped Up His Wife, Then Sawed Off His Love Rival’s Genitals


He couldn’t satisfy her needs she kept running back to her man on the side. For whatever reason, this stupid woman didn’t just end it with her current husband. She decided to resume a more “exciting” relationship, then got greedy and wanted both men. Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for this little whore.
They were caught red-handed doing the deed. Upon discovering his beloved wife, this furious husband couldn’t handle his emotions, in a crime of passion he did what he thought he would never do, he drove a knife into his cheating wife several times. But, he wasn’t finished there, nope, that would have been letting them off the hook too easy, so he chopped off her lover’s penis and testicles.

After his momentary lapse in sanity, he looked around at the blood-splattered mess and came back to reality, realizing just what he’d done. He’d murdered his sweetheart. Immediately he called the police and confessed to his horrendous crimes.

Both the lover and the woman didn’t survive their injuries. And hopefully, for the other guy’s sake, he died rather quickly, as one could only imagine how painful it would be to have your genitals hacked off of your body.

The disturbing incident took place in the village of Shama, located in the south-western Russian Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan.

The man’s wife, not named, had been waiting to make her move, she told her husband that she was going to see female friends in the next village.

Once it got dark, the husband, also not named, had a nagging suspicion that she wasn’t where she’d promised to be. He decided to find out the location of her whereabouts, after a disturbing phone call to the friend she was supposed to be with, he discovered his wife had lied to him.

The man fessed up to the police that he had long suspected her of cheating on him with another man in the village and he went straight to his house.

The enraged husband said he spotted his wife having sex with the lover and the red mist came down over him.

The investigation is ongoing and the couple’s children have been placed in an orphanage.

I’m not justifying this woman’s actions at all, she should have divorced him first, but, no wonder she wanted to go to another man…this guy is NUTS.

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