Single Greatest Reason to Vote Trump Surfaces with Gross Tongue


Miley Cyrus doesn’t like Donald Trump, in fact, she dislikes him so much if he’s elected she’s moving to Canada. Now I’m really glad I voted for Donald Trump.

Miley Cyrus is exactly what you’d expect if you pay attention to who Democrats really are. She’s a drug addled, brain-dead, self-righteous, little twit.

Miley’s upset about everything that has to do with Donald Trump and in her own unique, totally irrational way she put this up on Instagram.


Miley actually has 38 million Instagram followers. I’m guessing that between the 23-year-old “musician” and her 38 million followers there’s probably a collective IQ approaching 42 in the whole group.

Don’t you love how she’s crying and insisting she doesn’t say things she doesn’t mean. Hopefully we’ll find out when Donald Trump is elected president and she has to put up or shut up and move to Canada. Or somewhere else. Personally, I’d like to see her move to Zimbabwe, they have lots of animals and she’d be a real celebrity there.

Here’s another Instagram posting that the little twit put up a while back.


Miley, we certainly wouldn’t want you having nightmares. So please, for your sake, go away. Far, far away.

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