‘CANNIBAL FRAT BOY:’ Shocking New Evidence Points To Something Disturbing! NEW Crime photos Reveal…



If you haven’t read the story by now, you missed some major news! Back in August, a teen named Austin Harrouff was taken to jail for going ballistic and murdering a couple. However, he didn’t just stop at murder, once he killed the couple he was discovered on top of one of their bodies, chewing on a face right off the bone.

When the story first came out, police were convinced Harrouff was on some sort of hallucinogen, most likely bath salts or flakka when they arrested him. It turns out, they were very wrong.


Results from an FBI toxicology came in and put a hole in his fathers theory hat he was suffering some sort of mntal illness during the attack. The test showed that Harrouff had alcohol and marijuana in his system, as well as drugs given to him at the hospital after his arrest, but not a trace of hallucinogens. Sorry pops, the “severe mental illness” you speak of doesn’t exist, not from the drugs anyway.


Harrouff, currently in custody in the Martin County Jail, last week pleaded not guilty to two counts of first degree murder, one count of attempted first degree murder and one count of burglary connected to the killings of John Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon. Harrouff was arrested for the crime when police found him on top of John Stevens chewing on his face.



Harrouff’s family and lawyer believe he “is struggling from a severe mental illness” and the drug test results suggest they are correct. “We know this information will be of no comfort to the victims’ families and friends,” Nellie King, the Harrouffs’ lawyer, said in a statement.


Harrouff had gotten into a series of fights with his parents before encountering Stevens and Mishcon, though nobody is sure how he encountered them. The 19-year-old Florida State University student allegedly chased down, beat and killed Stevens and Mishcon, and attempted to fight another man, Jeff Fisher, when he tried to intervene in their killing.


After his arrest, Harrouff told police that if they tested him all they’d find was alcohol and marijuana, no other drugs.

Paramedics later revealed that he’d been pleading with them to kill him because he “deserved to die,” later he boasted to police he’d “become like almost immortal. I have to die one day.”


Harrouff’s sister, Haley, told police he’d been mentioning his super powers that he wanted to test. She also recalled him saying that he was immortal and that he’d had problems with insomnia lately.

“Austin is struggling with severe mental illness and the judicial process will bear all of this out in due time,” King stated.

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