Seriously, Are Republicans Growing a Pair? [VIDEO]


It looks like the election of Donald Trump is having an interesting reaction in Washington DC during the lame-duck session of Congress. Four Republican senators introduced a bill that would prevent the Obama administration for paying insurers in what they say amounts to a bailout of ObamaCare.

The ObamaCare bill, as originally written but never read, contained a bailout provision for insurers if the risk models that they base their insurance rates on didn’t pan out. Based on the fact that we’ve had double-digit increases every year since ObamaCare went into effect, and we’re looking at record increases this year, it’s pretty obvious the risk models didn’t work.

Congress refused to appropriate funds to reimburse insurers for their risk losses in the current budget, but Barack Obama thinks he’s found a way around complying with the law. He simply encouraged insurance companies to sue the federal government for the risk losses and assured them that Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department would settle the suit out of court so it could be paid from a separate fund.

A similar bill to block this ObamaCare bailout at taxpayers expense has been introduced in the House.

There’s a fundamental problem with this legislation. Even if it passes both the House and Senate, it needs to be signed by Barack Obama. Can you say veto?

Given their eight years of experience with Barack Obama, Republican should’ve seen this coming and written it into the budget, but then again they don’t call Republicans the “Stupid Party” for nothing.

On the other hand, will likely to have a completely different story come January 3 and the new Congress.

“We’re going to look very strongly at immigration, we are going to look very strongly at healthcare, and we’re looking at jobs, big-league jobs.”

It will be the first time in eight years that anybody has paid attention to those priorities, and with respect to immigration will be the first time in 25 years.

The House and Senate are likely to be in for a major shock come January 20, because I suspect that President Donald Trump is going to expect the buffoons who pass for Republican leadership in both houses to actually get on board and accomplish something.

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