Refugee Didn’t Realize Who Was Watching When He Found New Use For Fountain


You’re going to LOVE the new Europe, they have great new quisine!

With the influx of new Muslim refugees, comes customs that most of us Westerners haven’t seen before, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say these are customers we really shouldn’t have to accept or “tolerate.”

A grody follower of Islam was seriously unaware of his surroundings, or he simply didn’t care. I’ve never seen anyone decided to use a public fountain for this ALARMING new purpose. Sadly for him, he made a pretty big mistake, because someone recorded what he was doing on the corner.200-1

Some “habits” that happen in the middle east should stay in the middle east, else America will not be as desirable a place to live.

The left insists that allowing refugees in is all about helping people, and maintaining a healthy diversity, what President Trump understands is that not all migrants are as great for America as liberals would lead us to believe.

Take this guy for example… maybe this migrant is a nice guy, but he was caught on camera washing his a$$ at a public fountain!

Is this what the left considers cultural enrichment?

Then, to make matters far worse, he grabs a little drinkie of water.


Trump won’t let our country turn into a cesspool that accepts anything, anyone, and everything that enters. Sadly, this isn’t a concept that Europe has grasped yet. This guy could care less about his surroundings, according to the Religion of Peace, he had every right to service his exposed rear-end in a public fountain. Ehhh, YIKES.

The comments were HILARIOUS below on the twitter feed…

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