Previously BLOCKED Video, Depicting Vicious Beating of Homeless Trump Supporter, Can Be Viewed Here


Just a few days ago, a homeless black woman was violently attacked over quietly sitting next to Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it had been vandalized with a sledgehammer. Apparently, thugs couldn’t control their anger, they found her sign saying “20 Million Illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents. Vote Trump” to be highly offensive.

Within mere seconds, the pro-Hillary Clinton mob encircled her, hurling menacing racial slurs, she was then shoved to the ground as the mob laughed. The entire assault was happily recorded by a man who posted it to his “Koali Fikator” YouTube channel.

The channel has since been disabled, but we have the Gateway Pundit and BizPac Review, to thank for keeping this harrowing footage up. If you don’t already know who Hillary really is, watch her supporters below and you will get a pretty awful taste of the type of company she keeps.

According to BizPac Review, Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, sent out an urgent Twitter alert, asking for help locating the woman because the Trump team has a gift for her.

Through the help of social media, she was finally found. Her name has not yet been released.


Naturally, liberals were quick to say the whole thing was staged.


Well, of course, they would because they’re the experts on staging “violence “ as we now know.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly disturbing to watch a bunch of animals jeering a homeless black woman. Yet these are the same animals supposedly most concerned about protecting the rights of the homeless, blacks and women. But only if they’re liberals.

“Koali Fikator”, the man who filmed and released the videos of the homeless Black woman being tormented and attacked for gaurding Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has now made the videos “Private” on YouTube.

This came after Fikator disabled the ability to leave a comment and altered his original descriptions of the videos, from hateful comments saying things such as “the woman deserved the attacks” to a pious, self-serving screed.

In an attempt to help the poor woman Donald Trump has ordered his attorney Michael Cohen to find and help her.

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