Mom Throws Terrified Son Out of House for Voting: Police REACT! [VIDEO]


We know all about the silliness and stupidity going on on college campuses after Donald Trump’s election. That’s nothing compared to what happened in this family home in Houston, Texas.

Apparently the elementary school that this young student attended held a mock election and this young boy vote for Donald Trump. The reaction of his “mother” is something that I doubt anyone could’ve foreseen.

“Since you voted for Donald Trump, you get your sh*t and get out… We don’t do Donald Trump here. And get your suitcase. Bye.”

You have to watch it for yourself to believe it.

The County Sheriff’s Department in Houston, and Child Protective Services launched an investigation. It turned out about as I would’ve expected.

“Detectives say the woman told him she was just trying to make a joke. Detective say is disturbing is the video is, there’s no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing.”

No criminal wrongdoing.

Keep in mind, this woman actually posted the video on her Facebook page. It got 10 million hits in less than a day. Apparently because of the attention from police she has deleted her Facebook page and her neighbors said they were “absolutely shocked by the women’s crazy behavior.”

Remember, no criminal wrongdoing. I need a drink.

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