Mob Of Rioters Turn Against Each Other, Woman Shoved To The Ground!


Some people find enjoyment seeing the world burn.

As anti-Trump rioters wreaked utter havoc in the streets of Portland, Oregon, things ended up going south when they turned on each other.

A clip shows one rioter hammering an electrical box with a baseball bat, in an attempt to stop him someone started shouted at the man and things got even more intense from there.

After he’d beaten the lock off the door, he carelessly flung it open, nearly hitting the girl standing next to it in the face, that’s when things broke out into an all-out brawl.

A woman carrying a banner jumped in front of the box, shoved him away and demanded he quit attacking the box.

Right after he pushed her down, all hell broke loose.

“You’re hitting women!” one person screeched as a woman in a burka could be seen in the lineup.

After that, rioters settled down long enough to search for their next target.

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