Be On The Lookout! 26 Cars Set Fire Overnight in Rich Neighborhood (Raw Video)


This is a daily occurrence in France. Videos emerged online displaying migrants torching Cars in the dangerous immigrant neighborhoods.

Usually, cars are set on fire by young people from ethnic suburbs. The cars are burnt to attract police and firefighters to the area, once there these savages attack them with stones and Molotov cocktails.

It’s not clear when this video was shot but, it was posted online within the last two days.

Liberals will say “This has NOTHING to do with Islam!” Yes, because supposedly this is a “peaceful” religion. These people fled the violence in their own country just to bring it to another, a sign they miss their home countries, let’s send them back!

We have already tried giving them freebies, we’ve held their hand, but they’d rather hold their grudge against us infidels.

This occurred without reason – a gratuitous beating.

The shocking violence comes directly after a clear warning that migrants are becoming increasingly desperate and violent in their attempts to reach Britain, following the dismantlement of a large section of the Jungle camp.

We see this happening in other countries, yet, we still allow these people into our country. Why? Because a few might not be a bad apple? How about we leave these people to their devices and destruction, let’s let them rot in their OWN country. We need to stop inviting disaster into America, we have enough problems of our own, there is no need to tackle on other countries problems as well.

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