Chelsea Manning Intent on Killing Himself. Or Herself. Or Whatever. [VIDEO]


Bradley Manning, who is trying to pass himself off as a woman (Chelsea) to gain sympathy because he’s a convicted traitor, tried to commit suicide for the second time last week.

It looks like some Hillary Clinton partisans are trying to pass off Bradley’s problems on Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Heaven forbid Bradley committing treason might be his fault. But now that Bradley has decided that he’s “transgender” he becomes part of a “protected class” for Democrats. He can do no wrong.


This is apparently the second time that Bradley is tried to kill himself.

Personally I think they should just leave him alone. After all, Democrats are big supporters of the “right to die” so if Bradley wants to die, let him. We won’t have to hear about this traitor for the next 35 years, and it’s cheaper than the transgender surgery that Barack Obama’s Army has already agreed to.

A win-win for everybody.

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