THEY TRIED TO HIDE IT! Wikileaks Reveals Single Email That Hits Hillary HARD…


Remember when Barack Obama said he didn’t know about then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

I’m sure the media had a sudden case of amnesia.

Thanks to our Wikileaks pal we have learned that 44 used a stage name when communicating with Clinton.

Now, in another WikiLeaks reveal it’s been shown that there was an attempt by Hillary’s team to shield Obama the day after her emails were subpoenaed.

Dare I say, cover-up?

Because that’s exactly what this is.

Everyone knew that Clinton was in the wrong, and everyone went along with the ride anyway.




How can people overlook these sort of actions or say they don’t matter? The malfeasance alone is off the charts, this wench should have been jailed a long time ago.

How can they sleep at night knowing they’re backing the most corrupt politician of her time?

You know society has gone mad when people are more concerned with petty rumors about Trump than real facts about Hillary.

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