Paul Ryan Threw a Party and Donald Trump Supporters Showed up [VIDEO]


Every year Paul Ryan throws a big party to celebrate himself in Wisconsin. This year is no exception.

There was a difference this year though because this year the party came the day after Mister prissy, Paul Ryan, said he wasn’t backing Trump anymore because Donald has a potty mouth. Trump had originally been invited to the event, but the invitation was withdrawn.

Let’s get this straight, Ryan has nothing to say about Mister Hillary Clinton the serial rapist or his wife the serial enabler. Donald Trump gets caught making an off-color comment 11 years ago and all of a sudden he’s not fit for high office. Hillary, of course, is fine were just can overlook the fact that she put national security at risk with her little toy server in the bathroom of her New York home.

Anyway, Jim Sensenbrenner, a Republican representative Wisconsin and Paul Ryan supporter, showed up to welcome everyone. He got welcomed back.

“If you’re not going to be for the whole ticket…” Hey Jim, Paul Ryan “is it for the whole ticket.”

One way or another, the Republican Party is likely dead at the national level and if you’re looking to point fingers, don’t point them at Donald Trump. Point them squarely at the Republican establishment, people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. There the people who have made the national Republican Party into nothing more than a servant group for Democrats.

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