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Man Stormed Field In Gorilla Suit, Is Issued Harsher Punishment Than A Rapist, By Biased Liberal Judge!


A man dressed in a gorilla suit and a T-shirt that read “All Lives Matter” was chased and tackled on the 40-yard line of Soldier Field on Sunday.

The man was sporting an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt when he sprinted on the field.


Of course, liberal idiots were OUTRAGED over the stunt.

But wait….it get’s better! The prankster was BLACK!
Take a look at his exposed leg…


He was an unlucky guy though because he got an activist Chicago judge that set his bail at $250,000!


Reporters stated that the Tennessee man who charged Soldier Field in a gorilla costume during the Bears game Sunday was ordered held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

The County Judge, Adam Bourgeois Jr, frustratedly stated: “You know, a lot of us would die to get a ticket to the Bears game,” “and all we want to do is sit there and cheer.”

The judge then looked from 31-year-old Angelo Graham, then, toward courtroom staff and asked, “How did he get a ticket and I can’t get one?”

Mike Cernovich took notice to the hefty fine… that’s more than bail for rape!


Mike Cernovich, is a smart man, he noted that this judge has a history of activism…go figure!


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