LEAKED EMAIL: Clinton Campaign Believes Obama Committed Voter Fraud Back In 2008


A new email released by none other than WikiLeaks reveals that the Clinton campaign believes President Obama is guilty of committing voter fraud during his 2008 primary battle with Hillary Clinton…Although, to be fair Hillary is a known liar.

The chain of emails from May of last year suggests that then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign “flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters” in the 2008 primaries. The email also asked for support for James Lyons and Michael Driver, a pair of lawyers close to the Clinton’s, to organize lawyers for “caucus protection” to prevent the same fraud from happening during the 2016 race.

“I met with Jim and Mike in Denver. They are both old friends of the Clinton’s and have lots of experience,” John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager wrote to Marlon Marshall, and aid to Hillary. “They are reliving the 08 caucuses where they believe the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters. They want to organize lawyers for caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $.”

The campaign seemed concerned that an insurgent campaign could use identical illegal tactics that the 2008 Obama campaign used.

This is the Email in question:

These horrible Democrats can’t even fight fair with each other! Obviously, the majority would rather have Trump than Hillary, even if they don’t like Trump. What we really need to be focusing on is voter fraud.

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