Hillary Clinton Wishes Herself A ‘Happy Birthday’ On Twitter…Followers MOCK Her!


Wow. She really, REALLY is unlikable. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be mean-spirited. Hillary Clinton is not liked by anyone. Shoot, I wouldn’t even doubt that her closest friends aren’t really her friends. What else would drive someone, let alone a high profile person like Clinton to stoop to such pitiful levels.

Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton

It’s the lack of friends! I’m telling you!

It might have been the pressure of no one remembering her birthday, or maybe she too, like Kim K., just couldn’t help the self-aggrandizement, but Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton decided it would be a brilliant move to post a photo of herself…and wish herself a happy birthday.

Just take a look, and you’ll understand the sadness I feel.


To think that Clinton could use Twitter to essentially congratulate herself on being the preemptive President of the United States, didn’t go over well. As with anything inconsequential and of little value, the Twitter finger warriors came out swinging with the fiery rage of a thousand overweight basement dwellers! (As Hillary calls them…)


How about this one?


C’mon! Even a supporter of hers couldn’t let it go!


I almost feel sorry for her… BAZINGA!

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