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CORRUPTION: Clinton Ally ‘Paid’ 600K to FBI Prosecutor’s Wife-DURING Email Scandal


The corruption is so THICK in D.C., it is obvious there are NO answers to be found there anymore. As of recently, the FBI has become a topic of interest when Americans talk about…who they can and can’t trust.

The FBI? Always questionable, now VERY questionable.

Amid the Clinton email scandal, FBI director, Comey, portrayed a side of the FBI that I really wish I didn’t have to witness. Weasels…in fact was the PERFECT descriptive word to define how most Americans felt about their so called “investigation results” during their time on the Clinton email case.

Their call was disgusting, and quite honestly TICKED a lot of Americans off. It was really an insult to our intelligence. All their finds pointed to GUILTY, yet right in front of our faces…they told us she is not.

Well now, there is evidence coming out of the woodworks that is REALLY not going to shed any sort of good light on the FBI fellas now…

Get a freaking load of this…and prepare yourself to be livid. Try to refrain from punching your computer screen, or throwing your phone at a wall.

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.

Campaign finance records show Mr. McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI.

The Virginia Democratic Party, over which Mr. McAuliffe exerts considerable control, donated an additional $207,788 worth of support to Dr. McCabe’s campaign in the form of mailers, according to the records. That adds up to slightly more than $675,000 to her candidacy from entities either directly under MrCl. McAuliffe’s control or strongly influenced by him. The figure represents more than a third of all the campaign funds Dr. McCabe raised in the effort.

That’s nearly 700 thousand dollars my friends. That’s an awful lot of ‘play it safe’ money…you know, to pay off people here and there, just in case…


Of course it’s fair to acknowledge that we don’t quite know all the details yet, but… we’re talking about Hillary’s people.

Unethical, Un-American, and Illegal, that’s their slogan.

…and because of the FBI, they also have a new found mission statement.

WE LIE! We cheat. We conspire! We RIG! We WIN! We LAUGH!

Here is what I know…

Obama’s America SUCKS!


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