15-Yr Old Missing Girl Left Good-Bye Note, Now Evidence Shows KILLER May Have Written It


A 22-year-old man from the Bay Area, California, is being charged with the murder of a 15-year-old girl, who disappeared on her way to school in 2011. Antolin Garcia-Torres has pleaded not guilty of the crime, and instead claims that she ran away. His defense is doing this by using a note that they claim was written by the missing girl, Sierra LaMar, on the day she disappeared.


The note was written in Spanish, and was supposedly found in Sierra’s school locker by her friends. It read, ‘I hate my life… I will be in San Francisco by 3/16/12’. That was the exact date she went missing.

A bit suspicious, no? Such specific detail for no apparent reason, other than to help a defense. But then again, reports so far give no evidence that the note isn’t real.


The sister of LaMar said that the handwriting wasn’t Sierra’s.

The prosecutors in the case have been attempting to shoot holes in the note, labeling it as a prank, saying it is obvious that it was not written by LaMar.

The conclusion that Sierra had ran away is junk, according to investigators, as they have interviewed the family and friends of LaMar, which range in the hundreds, and neither on could confirm that she was the type to just up and run away, this all according to reports.


The prosecutors instead assert that her DNA was found in Garcia-Torres’ car – specifically on a rope found in his trunk. Investigators also found her DNA on some clothing…her clothing, which was found on the side of the road.

To this day the body of 15-year-old Sierra has yet to be found.

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