Leftist Mob Attacks Trump Supporter, Barely Saved by Police [VIDEO]


Donald Trump supporter in El Cajon, California showed up at a rally protesting a police shooting earlier this week in El Cajon. He showed up to protest the shooting. He was under the assumption that it was a peaceful crowd.

That was his first mistake. Wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat – that was signed by Donald Trump – was his second mistake.

The crowd turned on him, took his hat, knocked him to the ground several times, kicked him and punched him and were on their way to likely killing him when police finally showed up.

So much for the idea that #AnyLivesMatter to the animals from #BlackLivesMatter.

It’s worth noting that police were informed of the mob attack by a helicopter and it still took them nearly 20 minutes to show up.

Don’t look for the story on any of the mainstream or cable channels, it won’t be covered by the New York Times or the Washington Post either. There are several stories about the El Cajon shooting on the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune – the local paper for El Cajon – but not one word about this riot and attempted murder of a Trump supporter.

Certainly the #BlackLivesMatter thugs lived up to my expectations for them and unfortunately so is the news media.

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