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What Virgin Australia Told Kanye West on Twitter is Getting a Lot Support


Kanye West is one of those people that is always in the news. For what? Usually for saying stupid shit and being involved with other celebrities who say and stupid shit.

So what is it that a Virgin Atlantic employee tweeted to Kanye that has so may people nodding in agreement?



If you are not up to speed on today’s acronyms, let’s take a look at to get a better understanding…

Screenshot 2016-02-16 09.44.21

Virgin Australia almost immediately denied the tweet:

But not everyone was as upset by the tweet as the Airline thought they would be…

So what do you all think, was Virgin Australia hacked, or did an employee think they were tweeting from their personal account? If so, should the guy/girl be fired, given a raise or just left alone?

Let us know in the comments!

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