“Sleeping Kanye” Takes on Internet Life of it’s Own


Kanye West, that would be Mr. Kim Kardashian, is a complete punk.  Complete.  Punk.  Kanye.

He’s got any number of public tussles going on at any given moment.  He’s got an ongoing war with Taylor Swift.  Then there the SNL meltdown when he insisted he’s more everything than anybody who ever existed.  He’s TwitterFighting with some other no class rapper.  And now, there’s PhotoShop.  He’s probably going to sue Adobe.

Here’s the picture that started it all.  Thanks to UniLad.

16-0225 Kanye1

Then the PhotoShoppers took over and you can bet Kanye’s feeling are going to be hurt big time.  Since his fat wife took the picture, I’m expecting him to beat her to a pulp.  Who’s going to defend her?  Bruce?

Enjoy the PhotoShopWar …

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