Note to Self: Don’t Let Cheetah INSIDE Your Safari Vehicle [VIDEO]


Ah yes, a safari.  A bunch of stupid tourists riding around in open top vehicles taking pictures of deadly animals.  What could go wrong?  Well, this could go wrong for starters.

Heart-stopping footage shows how holidaymakers were held up for almost an hour when a cheetah decided to perch on their safari truck in Africa.

The three-minute clip shows the big cat approaching the open-topped safari vehicle in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, before disappearing from sight an then suddenly leaping up onto the roof, much to the astonishment of the tourists inside.

As time passes, the super fast predator, who was initially sat upright on the Jeep, stretches out and makes himself comfortable.

The cheetah sat on the truck for about 45 minutes.

Notice all the cameras.  Notice the lack of guns.  Notice the idiot taking a video of what could have been a cheetah eating him for lunch.  Notice all the smiles.

The cheetah should have eaten these idiots and it would have raised the collective IQ of the world a couple of points.


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