Iranian’s Who Humiliated Obama Receive Medals?


I don’t have a problem with President Obama being humiliated.  I have a huge problem with Obama letting Iran humiliate the United States military.

Iran’s leader is passing out medals to the sailors who boarded and captured two U.S. Navy boats that were much more heavily armed than the Iranians.  They, the U.S. sailors, were obviously ordered to surrender by a cowardly chain of command.

16-0115 IranLG

Iran captured the ten sailors Jan. 12 after their patrol boats allegedly strayed into Iranian territorial waters. They were freed the following day, but not before Tehran broadcast footage of them in captivity with guns pointed at their heads. Iran also forced the sailors to publicly apologize for entering their waters.

The stunt was the latest that should have elicited a response from the White House, if not put a strain on the recently approved nuclear deal with Iran, but so far Obama has refused to speak up against the acts of provocation, which appear to be ongoing. Just days after the capture, numerous sanctions on Iran formally ended.

Yep.  The Commander-in-Chief of the United States military hasn’t uttered a peep.  That might upset his new friends in Tehran.  To h*ll with the sailors under his command.

300 - Bad Day

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