God Sends Message to Obama for Skipping Scalia’s Funeral: Karma is a you know what..


After skipping Scalia’s funeral, Obama went golfing for the who-knows-how-many times during the past 7 years.

Was gonna be fun, I’m sure and I have no idea what Barack did instead of going to Justice Scalia’s service, but I’m sure he’s busy letting terrorists go, giving away tax dollars to his cronies or if he was just busy ignoring the Separation of Powers..

… I do know that God slapped his ass for it:

image source: ontherightsiderradio.com

photo: ontherightsiderradio.com

Hat tip Mad World News:

However, something miraculous happened when Obama tried to get in some more time on the back 9 — God turned on the water works.

Poor Obama suffered what even he couldn’t change (no matter the illegal method used) when it actually started raining, preventing him from all that fun.


In a sense, Obama just got slapped by God for his inexcusable actions. Even better yet, Scalia was probably laughing up there with Him.


Obama’s nasty dose of karma couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person at a more perfect time.

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