American Female Students Being Forced to Wear Hijabs? [VIDEO]


Schools in Rochester decided to force their female students to wear hijabs for cultural awareness.

Apparently a Muslim student pushed for this and the school board, of course, caved in.

Can you imagine an American school, with American school teachers having a day where American students had to wear a cross?  The place would go up for grabs!

I can’t wait for “Middle East Gay Day” where homosexuals are tossed off the top of the school building. Hey – it’s all in the name of sharing their wonderful Religion of Peace culture, right?

How about just giving the opportunity to compare Western, Judeo-Christian, culture to Middle Eastern Muslim culture.  One brought democracy and free enterprise that have raised living standards wherever they’ve been applied and one brought slavery, slaughter, and misogyny wherever it’s been forced on captive people.

What’s next for Rochester school girls?  The opportunity have their clitoris sliced out?

And forget about getting your driver’s license girls – that’s right out!

But perhaps what’s missing here is the long walk home at night where if you’re raped, you’re also stoned to death the next day in gym class… I think we can safely put this in the category of separation of brain and body.





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