Ronda Rousey Wrapped up in Steroid Scandal & Hot Outfit …


Scandals!  No, we’re not talking about Hillary’s emails or Bill’s girlfriends.  We’re talking about the accusations that Holly Holm was taking steroids for her fight with Ronda Rousey.  Here’s Holly talking about that.

So far it seems that the accusations are hype, but you never know.

After losing her belt to Holly Holm, Ronda has been complaining to Dana White about how Holly was on muscle enhancing products during their fight. She threatens to leave the UFC if these products are not investigated & banned by the UFC, despite her long term contract.

When confronted live on TMZ, Dana White tells us “I’m not pulling any punches guys! Both Holly and Ronda have been tested. We should be getting results back soon. But in either case we have been investigating the issue and always test fighters continuously.”

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Holly Holm tells us, “I’m not stupid to cheat in the UFC.

Well, we’ll see.

Speaking of seeing, we all know Ronda Rousey.  She’s the queen of Sports Illustrated.

SI Swimsuit 2015 - Athletes Shoot Ronda Rousey South Seas Resort/Captiva Island, Florida, USA 11/11/2014 X158908 TK1 Credit: Walter Iooss Jr. Swimsuit by: TK

Take a peek and tell us what you think?

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