Thug Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Sexually Assaults Her: Then Something SNAPS Off!


Sooner or later every thug has a bad day.  Usually it’s at the hands of the cops or a bigger thug, but once in a while the “helpless” get their two cents in.

The chilling story allegedly begins early on a Friday morning when the victim heard a knock on her door and went to answer it. However, upon opening the door, no one was outside so she went back to bed.15-1203 Tongue

Suddenly, the victim heard a second knock on at the door. Again, police say she went to answer it and again, no one was there. After returning to bed, she heard the doorbell ring. This time, authorities say, the victim went outside onto her porch to investigate and allegedly saw a man standing there holding a knife with a white handle against his chest. She screamed, “No!” and ran back inside. The victim was, however, unable to close the door all the way because police say the suspect had forced half his body in as she was attempting to shut it. According to the police report, the suspect allegedly forced himself into the house, tackled the victim to the floor and punched her in the face several times.

It gets worse.  The thug picked up the woman and hauled her into her bedroom where he proceeded to begin to rape her.  She fought back and kicked him in the “groin.”  That made the thug upset and he reportedly told her, “now you have to die.”

What happened next is living proof that this particular thug is way out on the left-hand end of the bell curve.  In other words, he’s dumber, a lot dumber, than a rock.  Here’s what a low IQ rock looks like.

Ready for it?  He kissed her.  Big mistake.

… when he tried to force his tongue into her mouth. She bit it until it snapped off, making the suspect jump off of her, screaming. The victim spit the tongue out on the kitchen floor and managed to flee the scene in her car.

He was later caught by police at a Waffle House.


He had been turned in by none other than his mom.

The thug, 16-year-old Antoine Miller is being charged as an adult.

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