Old Math VS. Common Core Math: Hard to Swallow


It is no wonder America is falling behind the world in academics. It’s more like Common Stupid rules the day than any kind of real teaching.

This setup really summarizes the failures of our nationalized education system.

You’ll really get a kick out of the last zinger.

Check it out:

Math_1950_versus_2015_a Math_1950_versus_2015_b Math_1950_versus_2015_cMath_1950_versus_2015_bMath_1950_versus_2015_c

Continue reading: Federalist Papers

Liberals have taken over education in order to dumb down our children so that they will be dependent on the government for everything. This in turn makes them more likely to vote to be taken care of instead of working.

It is sad that we are on this course that might be irreversible.

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