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Female Airline Passenger Feels Slime On Legs – Guy Next To Her Confirms Her Worst Nightmare


Actually, the title should read, “Muslim next to her…”  I think we’ve found one reason why airlines won’t allow handguns or knives on their flights.  Had I been on this particular flight I’d have been this follower of the Religion of Peace’s worst nightmare.

This incident happened on Emirates Airline, the official airline of the United Arab Emirates.  It’s a high-end airline, they say they do everything “first class” and they even got Jennifer Aniston to do a commercial for them.

Actually, that commercial – “where’s the shower” – is right on point for this story.

A woman flying from Dubai to New York City was molested by a male passenger who rubbed lotion on her body as she slept, according to federal investigators who say the suspect told flight attendants that the victim “enjoyed it because she did not resist.”

The assault occurred Monday on a 13-hour Emirates flight, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

Here’s the perp.

15-1031 UAE Terrorist

According to the complaint, the woman had taken some anti-anxiety medication because she doesn’t like to fly.  It put her into a deep sleep and when she woke up she had a shock.

After sleeping for several hours, the woman awoke and [Nadeem Mehmood Quraishi, a 42-year-old Staten Island resident] asked “whether she had a good nap.” At that point, the victim realized that lotion had been “spread on her arms, chest, and up her legs.” Detective Christopher Caruso added that the woman also noticed that “the hand lotion she had placed in the pocket in front of her seat was missing.”

The woman said that when walking to the bathroom “her vaginal area was sore.” She subsequently “saw that her underwear had been shifted and that lotion was in her vaginal area and on her underwear.”

Flight attendants discovered the woman crying in the galley area and she explained that she’d been sexually assaulted.  The attendants questions Quraishi.

When the flight attendants questioned Quraishi, he reportedly admitted applying lotion to the woman’s “arms, shoulders, and legs and used the lotion in her vaginal area.” Quraishi, the workers recalled, said that he thought the woman “needed it,” and that the sleeping passenger “enjoyed it because she did not resist.”

Coming from a culture where rape and beating women is an accepted practice under Sharia Law, I can understand how Quraishi could say something that stupid.

He was arrested in New York, was released on a $50,000 bond and is charged with sexual assault.

As a side note, given the recent scandal involving Jared Fogle the pedophile spokesman for Subway, Quraishi was the manager of a Subway in Long Island.

If this young woman suffered from anxiety attacks before this flight I can’t even imagine how she feels about flying now.


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