Liberal Heads Exploding Over “Draw Mohammed” Contest


As we’ve said many times, if liberals didn’t have  have any standards at all.  It seems the “Draw Mohammed” contest that Pam Geller’s group sponsored in Garland, TX is the latest round of liberal hypocrisy.

The Hypocrite in Chief on this one is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  Remember him?  He’s the guy who listened to an Obama speech and said, “I just felt a tingle run up my leg…”  That Chris Matthews.

This week he’s taking on Pam Geller over the attempt by two Muslims to shoot up the “Draw Mohammed” event.  We’re going to start with some comments made earlier by Matthews about people who compare others to Nazis and what France’s response to the Charlie shootings should have been.

Got that?

Comparisons to Nazis is “never apt.”  The French don’t have to respond to Muslims view of blasphemy.

And then there’s a similar situation in the US, in Texas of all places, and Matthews compares Geller to Nazis and blames her for Muslim terrorism and says we need to accommodate them.

If liberals didn’t have double standards…


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