Texas DMV Takes Three Years to Figure Out License Plate is Offensive?


The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is revoking the personalized license plate issued to a Houston man, because it has now been deemed offensive, despite the fact that he’s had it for over three years now. It took them 3 years to figure it out – how long will it take you?

Safer Hassan said he recently received an official letter from the state that said his Texas plate, “370H55V,” would be canceled within 30 days.

“People have no idea what that plate means. My closest friends don’t even know,” Hassan said. Have you got it yet?


Here’s a hint: Turn it upside down and it describes Barack Obama..

There are more than 120,000 personalized license plates available in Texas. Safeer Hasaan has had one on his Lamborghini for the last three years, according to KPRC.  It reads, “370h55V.”

The problem is the state says this puzzling alpha-numeric jumble is no longer acceptable. They told him, “It has been determined that the personalization is offensive.” Hassan said he planned to appeal the state’s decision, especially in light of the fact that another car would have to be upside down for anyone to be offended…

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