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Secret Tunnel Found Behind Home’s Wall, Leading To INCREDIBLE Discovery of Lost City


I’m currently renovating a garage in my home, and while I have found some lost ‘treasures’ such as a broken watch, several empty bottles of liquor in the ceiling (thanks, drunk contractor in the 60’s), I highly doubt that I will find anything quite as amazing as this man found when he knocked down a wall for his remodel. Check out the amazing photos of just what he found behind the walls of his home:

Amid a renovation, a man decided he was going to knock down a certain wall within his home, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to find.

After revealing a hidden room kept secret for years, the man explored it only to find a tunnel – but that was only the beginning.

The incredible find actually took place back in 1963 in Nevsehir Province of Turkey while the man was conducting a renovation on his home. However, when knocking down a wall of his home, rather than it being backed up against stone, he found a void that went quite a ways back.

As anyone would do, the man went in and found a tunnel that traveled and eventually led to another room, and another … and another. As it turns out, he had stumbled upon a thousands-year-old underground city that could accommodate and support up to 30,000 people.

The lost underground city was formerly known as Derinkuyu and dives a staggering 18 stories into the earth. The History Channel even did a documentary on the find further detailing the city’s construction.

With an immaculate understanding of architecture and engineering, the advanced for its time structure is thought to have been used as a bunker during times of natural disaster or war.

tunnel 4

tunnel 5




Certainly, nothing short of mind blowing. The underground city now serves as a tourist attraction, and for a good reason. If I discovered this, I can tell you it would be pretty scary, but I would be looking for ways to explore it ASAP. I guess this is one to add to the bucket list for me!

H/T: Mad World News

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