Dumbass Robber Foiled by Comfy Couch and Tots


If you’re going to be a robber, rob correctly. Not that I go out committing crimes or anything, and I am CERTAINLY not advocating anyone to do so- but I like to think that if I did, I might not be so tempted by someone else’s tater tots and a nap that I ended up falling asleep and getting caught:


Police say a would-be burglar got sidetracked by snacks and a comfy place to snooze, heating up some tater tots and taking a nap on the sofa of the house he broke into.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a homeowner in Petaluma went downstairs to find the man asleep on her sofa Thursday.

The woman rushed to her bedroom, called police and then ran out the front door. She woke up the man, who fled out the back.

Officers parked on the next street spotted him and tried to handcuff him. They used a stun gun on him twice when he resisted. Police say he wasn’t injured.

The Placerville man is being held on $30,000 bail and has a criminal history including arrests for drug and weapons possession.

What a dumbass.

H/T: Yahoo

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