Baltimore Rioters To Member of Black Caucus: “F*** You N***** – Go Home!


Elijah Cummings is an icon of the civil rights movement and he represents the Congressional District that make up Baltimore. Tuesday night, the first night of the curfew, he was in the street in Baltimore pleading for calm and urging people to go home.

Here was the reception he got.

There are a whole bunch of black elected officials and community leaders in Baltimore who are insisting that the “demonstrators” aren’t thugs.  News Flash!!  Yes they are.

You’re not likely to read about this in the New York Times and it certainly won’t be on CNN.  It would destroy the narrative that the left is pushing that the violence is not the result of rioting Baltimore citizens but of “outside agitators.”

Frankly, we agree that it’s being caused by outside agitators, we know the agitators who are exacerbating the problems in the streets and who are enabling and providing cover for the rioters – who are Baltimore residents – are the likes of Al Sharpton and Barack Obama.


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