Woman Selling House Will Marry Whoever Buys It


This sounds like yet another one of TLC’s lame ‘reality’ shows or something, but this lady is for real. No baskets of chocolates or fancy flowers for you if you purchase her digs. Not new furniture, not even like a month of free cable. Buy her house, and she will marry you.


Either she has a TERRIBLE real estate agent with no base in contractual law – that’s human trafficking, by the way- or she is REALLY into selling her house.

In other words, I think she will have a bunch of weirdos and creepsters coming to see this place that otherwise probably wouldn’t even have a chance in the real world with here. Hope she has her brother or something there for protection at least.

Either way, this gal is a looker, and I’m fairly certain her house won’t be on the market long with her looks. What do you think? Clever marketing ploy, or is she desperate for a husband? check out the video below:

An Indonesian woman says she’ll marry whoever buys her house. You don’t need to marry her, you could just buy it, but why not move into someone’s heart as well as a new home.

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H/T: wmur.com

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