[VIDEO] Daredevil Granny Skydives for Charity – On Her 100th Birthday!


In a feat that would scare most folks half her age, a centurion great-grandmother celebrated her birthday with a skydive. Yes, a skydive. She wasn’t even doing it for herself, either.

The selfless granny was doing it all for charity, and it looks like she had a darn good time doing it, too. Grab a glass of wine and celebrate with grandma as she jumps thousands of feet from a plane.

A great-grandmother has celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of a plane thousands of feet above South Africa.

Georgina Harwood performed her daredevil feat over Cape Town to raise money for the National Sea Rescue Institute.

It wasn’t even her first jump.

The centenarian has completed three jumps since turning 92 and next week is planning to go cage diving with sharks.

“It was wonderful, it was exhilarating,” said Mrs Harwood, who was accompanied by more than a dozen relatives.

“I’m trying to think of adjectives to add but it’s difficult – there are so many. It was special.”

I wish my grandma was that cool. I guess I can always dream, and try my hardest to talk Grandma into a jump. Maybe one of my cute little nephews would get her motivated. This may be the start of one of my most epic plans yet.

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