If You Need Help From Obama’s Air Force – Well, God Help You


You’d better hope God will help you because the Air Force probably won’t. The President gets a kick out of sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office playing video game commander and killing people half a world away with drone strikes. The woman who he made commander of the Air Force apparently doesn’t share his “love” for air combat.

Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James has taken her first bold steps clearly meant to destroy the fighting capability of the United States Air Force. We were going to note that you’re not going to believe this, but if you paid any attention at all to the way President Obama has gone about gutting the fighting capability of the US military, you won’t be surprised.

James has decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by announcing a set of nine initiatives to increase diversity and inclusiveness in the service. The most notable is a new requirement that in less those aspiring to leadership roles can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion they will not be considered for promotion.

Silly us. We spent our whole life operating under the foolish assumption that the whole purpose of the United States military was to defend the nation, to break things, and to kill people. How wrong we are.

It looks like these days are long gone…


Of course, that video does demonstrate ground support and not air combat and the people in charge of the Air Force haven’t cared about supporting ground troops for at least a decade.

Now, apparently, the Air Force isn’t going to give a damn about anything but making sure their “diverse.”

James wants to see more women pilots but guess what? The Air Force is going to have to change the physical requirements for pilots AND aircraft. In case you hadn’t noticed women are typically shorter than men. That means more women pilots without regard to their physical abilities for their ability to fly.

Obama’s Air Force is about to become a quota magnet for women. She wants 30% of all pilots to be women.

We certainly hope the Marine Corps gets much more deeply involved in acquisition of ground support aircraft because were pretty sure they’re not going to be able to count on our ineffective but very diverse Air Force.


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