[VIDEO] Giuliani is Right – Obama Hates This Country: Mark Levin on Hannity


The Great One, Mark Levin, says Rudy Giuliani is correct in saying President Obama has contempt for America and lays out a fantastic case for why this country should have contempt for Barack Obama!

“When someone wants to fundamentally transform America, then you must not love America – it’s like saying you want to fundamentally transform your wife.”

Mark Levin was on Hannity and firmly agreed with Giuliani’s statement that Obama doesn’t love America, going even further to say Obama has contempt for this country. He elaborates in the video below.

Levin also challenged Obama to act like a leader and do something for the many ‘Anne Franks’ in the Middle East who are being raped and suffering greatly under the Islamo-Nazis.

Rah rah! Thank you for acknowledging that the next president will likely be left with a hot mess on their hands. Thank you for stating what everyone else already knows, that Obama is a failure and does in fact hate America. Can it be 2016 yet?

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Leland Ivy grew up in Georgia and Tennessee. He has worked for several members of Congress and most recently worked in 2014 to take back a Southern California Congressional District. Leland has a variety of interests including running, CrossFit, lifting weights, and flying private airplanes.

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